About Us

Here at Special Gifts Special People, we want to provide you with a one stop gift buying experience for all the special people in your life. Regardless of who your gift is for, we’ve got you covered and we will also be providing some fabulous choices for all occasions, festivities and seasons as well. Giving a gift shows you care and it’s not about how big or how much the gift cost, but all about how much you understand and love the special people in your life.

 At Special Gifts Special People we understand about how special someone can feel when they receive a gift too and there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that someone special in your life understands you as a unique person. We are Lily and Grace, just a couple of ordinary moms who want to put a little love into gift giving every day of the year. We give each other gifts all the time because we are such good friends and over the years, we have had so much fun looking for special gifts that we thought it was time to share the fun around a little.

We also understand just how hard it can be to make it out to the stores when you have kids so we wanted to take some of the frustration out of shopping and make it easy to shop from home. The traffic seems to get worse every day and try finding somewhere to park! We notice the price of gas constantly going up too and decided we would rather save money on gas and spend it on gifts instead. It feels good knowing that instead of bolstering the profits of a gas corporation, we are spending our money on bringing some good old fashioned joy into the lives of those we love the most. Kids just adore receiving presents and us ‘big kids’ think it’s pretty neat too.

We will also be adding to our pages on a continual basis so that you can choose gifts from classic old favourites, through to up to the minute products which are fresh to the  marketplace.

So please stay awhile with us and browse in comfort to find something special for your loved ones, no matter the occasion. Sometimes the best gifts gifts don’t need an occasion because it’s all about showing how much you care. That’s what we think anyway and hope you you receive as much pleasue as we do when the special people in your life open a gift which has been chosen with care and given with love.

Come back and visit again to check out what we’ve added for you.